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Stay safe & warm by the fire as we take the pain out of winter. Professional residential snow removal for all of Racine. Fully bonded and insured.

Full-Service Driveway & Roof Snow Removal

Non-Aggressive Snow Removal
Damage-Free Roof Snow & Ice Removal
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Same Day Emergency Snow Removal Services Never be stuck in your driveway again.

Driveway Snow Removal
We only use Snow Blowers and Shovels on your driveway, never a plow. We do not salt.

Roof Snow Removal
Don't let heavy snow weigh down your roof. Our damage-free roof raking is shingle friendly!

Servicing All of Racine County
We'll rescue you from winter's grip not matter what town you're in: Racine, Burlington, Kansasville, Mt. Pleasant, Raymond, Rochester, Sturtevant, Waterford, Wind Point, Union Grove, or Yorkville.

Fully Bonded and Insured

Driveway Snow Removal Standard Paved Drives: From $40

Driveway Cleared
(up to 1500 sq.ft.)
Walkways Shoveled
Sidewalks cleared
(up to 45')
+ 50% per 3 inches of snow over 6 inches

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24 Hour Service

As soon as the snow stops falling, we're at your service. 2" or more, we're at your door! See our rates.

We've got the perfect Snow Removal package for you. Rates below apply to first 2"-4" of snow.
Roof Snow Removal Prevent Cave-Ins
$ 199+

Roof Raked Free of Snow
Prevent Roof Cave-Ins
Avoid Ice Dams
Best to Clear After Every 6" of Snow
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No Strained Backs
Professionals who focus on Driveway Snow Removal in Racine know how to get the job done without running the risk of physical injury. Homeowners are not always that sure of how to go about the task without straining the back muscles. A professional will know how to use a blower for certain situations, and when to break out the shovel to finish the job. Contrast that with a homeowner who thinks that a shovel is always the best approach. Rather than running the risk of pulling a muscle and having to stay inside while everyone else is out enjoying the snow, leave the snow removal to someone who knows exactly what to do.

It pays to hire a professional. We love to help! Our customer service won't leave you alone
Snow is great, especially when there is no need to get out of the house for the day. There is still the need to make sure the sidewalk and the driveway are cleared, even when there is no immediate need to go anywhere. While the homeowner could grab a shovel and spend a lot of time on the task, it makes more sense to hire a professional to take care of the Driveway Snow Removal in Racine WI.

Timely Removal
It is not unusual for a professional who offers the service of snow removal to have a definite plan of action. This is good news for a busy homeowner, since it means the snow will be cleared whenever a certain amount accumulates. For example, the professional will show up and take care of clearing the driveway after a couple of inches have fallen overnight. This means that when the homeowner gets up and is ready to go to work, the driveway is already clear.

Cost Effective
The fact is that hiring someone to remove the snow from the driveway and the sidewalk is not as expensive as some people think. When the cost is weighed against the benefits, that price seems all the more reasonable. Considering how this approach can save time and certainly provides a great deal of convenience, paying a little for someone else to do the job just makes sense.


" If there is anything we can help you with, please let us know. Whether you have discovered a problem or need help on how to approach your snowy situation, we are always happy to help out and point you into the right direction.
Garrett Pfarr
- General Manager

What our customers are saying If we did not convince you, maybe a few words from our customers will! Very good service. I would definitely use them again to clear my driveway. I've never been so happy to step out in the winter!!
Don Yenor
Racine Customer Since 2014 Garrett is a professional and competent business owner. He showed up when he said he would, charged what he promised and followed up to make sure that I satisfied. My experience was so positive that I had him back to help out with more seasonal roof maintenance.
Michael Black
Racine Customer Since 2013 I would definitely recommend ViewRenew! I called for help with my ice dams. The job was completed in a timely fashion and at a reasonable price. I appreciate your service. Job well done.
Nakia Herrington
West Racine Customer Since 2014
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Snow Removal In Racine WI Is Affordable And Attainable During The Winter SeasonSnow Removal In Racine WI Is Affordable And Attainable During The Winter Season
With the winter season upon us, every Mid-Westerner know that the snow will soon be falling. Both residential and commercial buildings will be covered in the course of normal snowfall levels. When a particularly strong storm or blizzard should be in the area, the lost of outdoor mobility and activity in the lives of their residents can be devastating. That's where we strive to be the best snow removal company in Racine, WI

Residential Snow Removal
A difficult situation for many homeowners to face, is the fact that they can not handle the task of snow removal themselves. This is why services for Snow Removal in Racine WI are a necessary part of life. Wisconsin residents know that Racine snow removal must be performed before family or friends can get out of their cars and enter the building. Should anyone fall and hurt themselves while trying to maneuver their way out of deep snow, the cost of a personal injury lawsuit can be steep.

Tools for Snow Removal
Snow Removal in Racine WI can be achieved in a number of effective ways. Snow plows are not wanted by many homeowners and municipalities because they do not actually remove the snow in a given area. They primarily push or move the snow along the sides of the road or street. In many areas the levels built up by this snow can become a safety hazard, not to mention a eyesore that may not melt until early Spring.

Snow blowers and Snow Shovels
Homeowners would be wise to contract snow removal services that utilize snow shovels and snow blowers. Hand shovels are best for smaller areas and fewer inches of snow. A shovel can also be a superior snow removal tool for smaller more intricate areas like outdoor stairs and garden areas. Show blowers deliver efficient results and clear borders on driveway areas.

Driveway Salting
Should you want your snow removal to be followed by the spreading of salt, this can be arranged as well. For many people, the act of spreading salt on their walk or driveway allows for the melting of residual snow and ice. However other homeowners may not want salt spread on their residential grounds. If they should have dogs that regularly walk on these driveways or paths, they may fear the particles of commercial grade salt getting into the paws of their animals.

Care for Your Lawn & Landscaping
During times of deep snow fall accumulation, snow removal experts will mark off a residential territory using the installation of snow poles or poles that stake the distance between sides of a driveway. This method services to keep snow blowers and shovel movements out of garden areas that are hidden beneath the snow. These actions also serve to preserve landscaping that is below the snowfall and make sure these areas are not damaged by tools or machinery.

Roof-top Snow Removal
Racine Roof Snow and Ice Removal is an important part of the winter season. Due to the location and the difficult in removing this snow, this is a job almost always contracted out to a professional in the field. Snow that is allowed to remain on top of a home can add unnecessary weight to the roof.

The weight of this snow can not only weaken the roofing materials, but cause damage that can result in thousands of dollars in repair costs. If heavy ice and snow is left on the roof of a building, it can become a safety hazard for all those reside at that residence.

Ice Dam Removal in Racine WI
If your property includes lakes, streams of sources of water, they are likely to be clogged by ice once the weather regularly dips into below freezing on a daily basis. Hiring a professional to break up this ice and remove it is a good way to avoid a back-up and potential flooding when melting occurs.

Independent Snow Removal Contractor
Our goal is to be the best snow removal company in Racine, WI. Roof and Driveway Snow Removal in Racine can be contracted out to a professional in the field. Your snow removal services can be contracted on a will-call basis or for the entire season. The best time for your snow removal to begin is when the snow has stopped falling, especially when snowfalls are in the range of two inches or more.

How much does snow removal cost?
Prices to clear snow from a driveway in Racine can begin at approximately $40 for the first six inches of fallen snow. Additional inches of snow can incur a slightly greater fee of $5 per inch. During these heavier snowfall, the weight of the snow is generally of a more dense capacity and snow removal requires a greater effort on the part of your snow technician.